McLaren Book - The Wins - Black

McLaren Book - The Wins - Black


McLaren - The Wins Book (2011)

It is not until you stop and count up McLarens victories, since its inception in 1964, that you truly appreciate the breadth and depth of this amazing marques footprint in motorsport. No other racing team can lay this claim to success across such a vast spectrum: McLaren has been victorious in Formula 1, Formula 2, Formula 3, Formula A/5000, Indycars, Can-Am and Interserie sportscars and at Le Mans.

This landmark 320-page, large-format, all-colour 12 x 12 inch McLaren hardback publication from award' winning Coterie Press does what no other book has ever sought to achieve, painstakingly recording all of McLarens historic wins from 1964 until 2010. A great collector’s item.

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